About Crystal-Cutesy

Crystal-Cutesy is a small one woman business. I am not a Crystal expert I am just a woman who loves crystals and cute things and who wanted to share what I love with others, and spread happiness through my products, from this desire in 2021 Crystal-Cutesy (Known as Crystal Incense then) was born.

I started Crystal-Cutesy selling crystals with the hope that the energies of the crystals I sold would provide comfort and support to my customers, as they do for me, and to build a community to share my spiritual journey with.

As I have grown as a person through my spiritual journey the business has grown and developed with me. My Instagram lives and the support of the amazing community of customers/friends I gained, I have enabled me to grow in confidence and this new found confidence enabled me to share more of me and what I love which lead  to me adding the Cutesy side to the business, born from my love of Kawaii style products and all things cute. In 2023 I rebranded as Crystal-Cutesy. And now along side Crystals I sell a range of products.

Because I sell items that I love I feel it makes me that more passionate about not only providing high quality products, but also high-quality customer service. Whether your shopping for crystals for their healing properties or a cute gift, I want all my customers to have a great shopping experience because one thing will never change and that is my goal to spread happiness through my small business.

Sending love and positive vibes.