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Rhodonite has a soft, nurturing energy that encourages you to engage in behaviors that help others in need. It promotes forgiveness and acceptance of others and dissolves feelings of resentment. Assists you in discovering their life purpose and gives you the confidence to learn new skills.

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A Little About Crystal-Cutesy

Crystal-Cutesy is a small one woman business. I am not a Crystal expert, I am just a woman who loves crystals, and kawaii style products. I wanted to share what I love, and that brings me comfort with others so I created Crystal-Cutesy. I see Crystal-Cutesy as my way of spreading a little happiness one product at a time.

Crystal-Cutesy is not just a website, I also do weekly live sales on Instagram, for me my Live's are not just about sales its about building a community and safe space where my customers can be their true authentic selves, and find comfort and support when needed.

I hope that you enjoy your experience shopping with Crystal-Cutesy.

Love and Light